Acid Black Cherry

[Website] html/css training

Actually I wanted to create a fan discography website for this band. all coded in HTML/CSS nothing in wordpress or any similar kind blog thing as wordpress. However after asking help from other fans I decided to trow the idea in the trashcan because nobody really wanted to keep up the help to get everything to fill up the website.

However I keep it live, since I still do like the layout.




An easy Lyric video for the band E.T to promote their most played live song “Fortune”. Which is also their absolute best song. Please check it out.


Acid Black Cherry – It’s the solo project of Janne Da Arc vocalist Yasu.
A fan wanted to create a video to show the band love from all around the world. So she asked me to create the video and so I did. In 2014 I created myself one too.


Calmando Qual (Twisted Clock) – Fan MV – Wish
I actually wanted to create this video for a kind of school project, then the teacher wanted us to create a CM. However since I did film it, I still did create a Music video from the video footage which I made for the MV. End this was the end effect.